Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ok, back log of info to post here

Whoops. I got busy and didn't post. 

Ok, where was I? I was supposed to go to Power Yoga with my friend Lauren. Well, I got stuck at work and in traffic and showed up way late, so I skipped the class and worked out on the treadmill, elliptical and did some weights & crunches. 

Saturday - Lauren and I went to Cardio strike, which was great! I got so sweaty, and at one point was losing energy, but the instructor was good, keep us moving and before I knew it , we were done. It didn't hurt that I knew brunch was across the street waiting for me! (ps. the huevos rancheros (minus sausage) at Christopher's in Porter Sq is DELICIOUS!) 

Sunday - around 4 or so I hit the gym and did some running since it was pretty hot out side. I was highly motivated to get to the gym, since I felt good after my workout Saturday. 

Monday - Crazy, I know, I went to the gym AGAIN. It's easy when you start making it a part of your schedule. (not rocket science, but clearly when I don't make time for it, I am making excuses) I had a training session, which was good because now I have a list of things to accomplish on my own so I'm not wandering the gym like an idiot. 

Tuesday - Gym. Who is this girl??? I ran, and did some arm weights. I was sore in the legs and abs from the trainer! 

Wednesday - slacker

Thursday - Lauren and I skipped the gym for drinks and nachos at Tommy Doyles.  Oops. It was a long week! ha. 

Friday - no workout

Saturday - no workout

Sunday - no workout. OK I Suck. 

Monday - gym after work. Run, abs, elliptical. I watched the Social Network while I ran, and it made time go by quick but I was sluggish. 

Tuesday - met a friend for dinner - no gym

Wednesday - Urban Rebounding class -i.e. cardio trampoline workout. I struggled with this. My arches BURNED. I had to stop and stretch a few times bc I could barely move, and my ankles and feet felt locked. I am not that coordinated apparently because I almost fell off the trampoline a few times. I need to stretch those arches w/ tennis balls, and perhaps visit Marathon Sports to see if I am in the wrong shoes. 

I definitely haven't weighed myself in a week or two but I feel like I'm making some progress, and definitely feel less lazy!! 

Friday, July 8, 2011

vaca and getting my butt in gear

Vacation is awful for working out. A whole crew of us went to WI to visit some family and hang out for the 4th of July weekend. We spent time on the boats touring the lake, going for some pretty laid back swims, and tubing. There was lots of food, beer, and not a lot of exercise. 

So, when I flew back Tuesday, I thought - I'll go to the gym. Oops. Not quite. 
Wednesday - I went to the gym around 8ish, ran a bit, did some elliptical and crunches.

Thursday - When you join Healthworks you get a few free training sessions. Yesterday I met with Lauren, who is energetic and nice. She asked a lot of questions about what I do now, why I joined, and what my goals are. She did a few basic tests to see how my alignment is. Then, I have an actual training session with her next week when she will tell me certain things to do to work specific areas I am looking to improve. Trainers are COSTLY. Here, they let you do check ins - so you go work out alone, and then check in every month, or every 3 mos so you have a bit more accountability but not someone with you everyday. Also - this gym is all women, so I won't be as self conscious in the weight section! 

Last night, after the consultation, I ran for a mile on the tread mill, did a few arm weight lifts, stretched, did some elliptical, and left. 

Today - My friend Lauren from work (not to be confused w/ Trainer Lauren) are going to a Power Yoga class. Tomorrow, we signed up for Cardio Strike at 10a. I have yet to commit to a Sunday Night spin class!